This is a wooden tray without handles. It gives a really simplistic feel to it. This tray has a grey block painted in the centre of it to add some colour to it. 

Serving Tray without Handles

SKU: 029
  • This wooden tray gives you that truely simplistic and industrial feel. It is a perfect addition to every home. It is a tray that you can use as a decor item to place a nice vase on it, can be used when you are setting a table and even serving tea.


    The tray is made from pine wood. It is about 50cm in lenght, 25cm in breadth and 3cm in height. It has no sides to it and this gives an open feeling to it.

    It has a grey block painted in the centre of the tray to give it some colour and has been treated and finished off with a varnish.

    The tray has got no handles. Sometimes you just need something flat and plain to serve on, that is bigger than a snack platter. If that is the case, then this tray is perfect for you. What is also great about it, if you have your own idea of handles then you can just simply attach them to this product once you have received it.

    The tray can be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp cloth.




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