This product is made from pine wood. It is small yet very affective and easy to use. It comes with a carabiner keyring that can easily clip on and off for your convenience. 

Phone/Tablet Stand Keyring

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Size of keyring gap
Keyring options
  • This product is made from pine wood. The keyring stand comes with a carabiner which makes it convenient just to clip on and off from a set of keys or from any bag. This is the perfect gift for anyone. It looks nice as a keyring, yet it is functional and very practical. 


    If you travel often and don't have the space to pack large tablet stands this is perfect for you. Even if you are a mom and just need that extra hand to hold your phone when the kids want to watch a video, this product will save your life.


    The product comes out with two different size gaps. The one gap is about 1.1cm wide this works well for phones and tablets that don't have protective covers. The other size is about 1.3cm wide and this works well for phones and tablets that have protective covers. 


    The size of the keyring stand is about 8cm in length and 4.5cm in breadth. It is painted with a varnish to protect the wood. You can clean it by using a slightly damp cloth.


    *Please note: For a phone one keyring stand is big enough to hold it, however for a tablet you will need two keyring stands, one on each side. Also make sure of the size of the gap you need when placing your order.


    For other sizes please contact me anytime and we can make an adjustment.





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