It is a light made of wood, with two manikins and a simplistic bench.

Light of My Life

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Figure gender
  • These are basic wooden manikins that are usually used by up coming artists to learn how to draw the basic forms. I changed it into a light that can be used to bring some fun into a room and also into your heart, because you will just smile everytime you see it. It is a beautifull focus piece to add to any room or to give as a gift.


    The manikins arms and legs can be adjusted as you wish and can hold each other in many different ways, so you can change it anytime you want to.


    There are three options for this light. The Lovers Bench is a light made with one male and one female figure. The Father & Child is a light made with one male and one child figure. The Mother & Child is a light made with one female and one child figure.


    The manikins and bench is about 20cm in length and 22cm in height. it is made from wood. It can be cleaned with a dry cloth or slightly damp cloth.


    The light is fitted with a three point plug with no on/off switch. You can put the light on and off at the wall. The cord is about 1,5m in length.




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