This Jenga product is a well known classic, however it has a twist to it, it is BIG! It is made from wood and comes with a very nice display crate.

Jumbo Jenga

SKU: 011
  • This is a wooden Jumbo Jenga set. This is a must have product for every family big or small. This product can not only be used to play with at home and create hours of fun and entertainment; it can also be used at weddings and actually any special event. Guests can keep themselves busy by writing special messages on the Jenga pieces for you to cherish forever and they can also have fun by playing the game.


    The Jumbo Jenga set stands 54cm high and can be packed into the crate once you have finished playing. It is a functional piece yet beautiful enough to just place anywhere in your home, ready to be played at anytime.

    I have made the product with plain pine wood and treated it with a varnish for protection.

    Your family and friends can write on the product with a permanent marker and you can just retouch it at home with a basic wood varnish. 

    The product can be cleaned with a damp cloth, however I will suggest using a dry cloth once you have special messages on it.




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