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Where did the name Palla come from?

Where am I situated?

Is there another shop where some of the products can be viewed?

Who's idea was it to start an online shop?

Palla comes from Palesa, my sotho name. It means flower. My brother used to call me Palla and because of the special bond we had, this name is really close to my heart.

Palla is situated in Bloemfontein, however there isn't a physical shop as we are only available online.

MOORS in Northridge Mall, in Bloemfontein, stock some of Palla's products and you are more than welcome to go have a look.

It was my sister, Suné's idea. She mentioned a lot of people these days are too busy between their job, home and responsibilities, they don't always have the time to go shopping. So, this was the main reason I started the shop to make everyone's life just easier.

I also feel, shopping is just so much better in your pajamas!

On a personal note: What motivates me as a person?

As a Christian I keep a verse in the Bible, from the book of Jeremiah, very close to my heart. It is translated so beautifully in the Afrikaans Bible - Die Boodskap, therefore please note I will quote from there.

Jeremia 29:11-14

Ek weet wat Ek vir julle in gedagte het. Ek beplan dat goeie dinge met julle sal gebeur en nie slegte goed nie. Ek wil he dat julle hoop vir die toekoms moet he. Julle sal na My roep en kom bid. Ek sal na julle luister. As julle met alles in julle na My soek, sal julle by My uitkom. Julle sal julle doel bereik deurdat Ek die taal van julle hart sal verstaan. Ek verstaan wat julle graag wil he.

I thank God for this amazing opportunity and dream that came true! All praise to Him!